Retiree II & IV Benefits

Faculty/staff members who separate from service with more than 5, but less than 10 years of continuous full-time service at Baylor University are in the Retiree II category and faculty/staff members who separate from service and are of retirement age and have completed at least 10 years of continuous regular part-time service at Baylor University are in the Retiree IV category.

Benefits provided for Retiree II and Retiree IV:

  • Retiree II/IV ID card (Entitled to one ID card)
  • Faculty/Staff parking sticker (one per retiree, available at DPS)
  • Admission to and use of the Student Life Center and recreational facilities
  • Discounted football ticket options and admission to other athletic events - pending availability (same as any other Baylor official retiree)
  • Continuation of faculty dining privileges(McMullen-Connally Faculty Center - faculty/executive staff or SUB - staff)
  • Baylor bookstore discount - 10%
  • Library System use access
  • Email account/Active Bear ID (contact ITS help desk, 710-4357) - Baylor reserves the right to deny or terminate access in accordance with BUPP-025 or as a business necessity.

Retiree II
May be eligible to continue medical/dental insurance for up to 18 months on continuation of coverage at the full cost of premiums.