WageWorks - take care Card

WageWorks provides a take care® Card for medical FSA participants (an additional card may be requested by contacting WageWorks customer service). The take care Card allows participants to use the card for payment which is deducted from your medical FSA automatically at the point of receiving medical services.

Important Information

Each year, you should retain your take care Card and the card will be "loaded" with your new election amount each year. Remember to retain all receipts and documentation from your take care Card transactions to prove expenses are eligible under your plan guidelines and applicable regulations established by the Internal Revenue Service. While the card will provide convenience for URM (Unreimbursed Medical) expenses, claims may require verification, as required by IRS regulations.

If the claim cannot be verified, WageWorks will contact you by mail requesting that you submit to WageWorks substantiation of services provided. In most cases for established copays, the "system" will do this for you. If you do not respond to WageWorks's request for substantiation of services, the card will be suspended until you can comply. While a card is suspended, participants may still fax or mail FSA claims at any time.

Managing your account information is easy. You will have the opportunity to review and maintain your FSA online in real time, including viewing your balance, reviewing transactions, and so much more.

Simply go to WageWorks

• Click on New User.

• Click on Create Account.

Returning participants can login using the user name and password.