Faculty and Staff Fitness Programs

Oso Fit

The Wellness department provides you the opportunity to take part in the faculty and staff Oso Fit program. This program offers incentives and motivation toward achieving a regular fitness routine. To be eligible, faculty and staff must have SLC access through their HR benefits package. Visit the Oso Fit Program page for more information. If you have questions about the Oso Fit program, email Van_Davis@baylor.edu.

Group X

Group X membership offers fun and exciting classes like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Toning, Boxing Conditioning, AquaFit, Boot Camp, PiYo, and Bear Cycle. See the Group X Schedule for details.

Other Opportunities

The Wellness department offers many other options for pursuing wellness through fitness, nutrition, recovery, and more. For additional information about the Wellness department and their programs and opportunities, visit www.baylor.edu/wellness.

Contact information
Baylor OSO Fit Program - Van Davis, 710-6631
General Information - Human Resources, 710-2000

Baylor Oso Fit

"We've loved the Baylor OSO Fit program this semester. My husband and I have participated in Faculty/Staff only Zumba, Bearathon Training, and Circuit Weight Training this semester and have really enjoyed it. We appreciate that Baylor gives us this opportunity to get healthy and have fun!"

- Lori and Robert Evers