Pay Band Assignments

Staff Compensation Plan Section 2.A

Since the program is market-based, it is essential that the University collect and use only accurate, current and valid data. The data used to develop the pay bands was collected from pay surveys conducted annually by reputable survey companies, including the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR). Human Resources (HR) reviews the pay schedule regularly using these data sources as well as others and will update the pay schedule as necessary to maintain competitiveness.

Generally, HR will not use data from other sources unless the methodology and approach can be validated. This means that data from magazines, the Internet, and most other widely distributed media will not be considered by HR in determining a job’s pay band or an individual’s pay level.

Jobs are assigned to pay bands based on external and internal benchmarking. Since the basis for this decision is job content, significant changes in job content may warrant a review of the job and its benchmarking.

The following are examples of situations that may warrant re-benchmarking a job:

  • Department reorganization and job restructuring.
  • Addition of full-time staff reporting to the job.
  • Addition of new area(s) of responsibility.
  • Change in level of authority.

Small changes in a job do not influence market value and therefore would not warrant re-benchmarking (e.g., different software to handle same job responsibilities, procedural changes to existing work, responsibility for overseeing student workers). In addition, a job would not be re-benchmarked if the incumbent earns a degree or achieves another educational milestone, unless this results in changes in the job, responsibilities, level of authority, etc.

Generally, requests for job benchmarking should be made by the supervisor to whom the position reports, and not by individual staff. If a staff member believes that their job needs to be evaluated, he/she should discuss this with their supervisor.