Baby Bears Program

Is there a new baby bear in the family? Don't forget to request a Baby Bear gift!

The Baby Bear Program has been established to affirm the importance of familial commitments and to strengthen and expand Baylor's traditional sense of community.

Upon the birth or adoption of a child by a full-time faculty or full-time staff member, Human Resources will provide a congratulatory gift to celebrate the wonderful event.

Please assist us with this initiative by contacting Human Resources upon a birth or adoption by a faculty or staff member. In order to provide the family with a timely delivery of their gift, all requests must be processed within the first three months of the baby's birth or adoption. Adopted children must be 12 months or younger to qualify to receive a baby gift. Please note that we will be unable to order gifts prior to the baby's birth.

You may contact to provide all necessary information to process the gift request.

Should you have any questions concerning this program, please contact Human Resources at 254-710-2000.