Staff Classifications

Fair Labor Standards Act – Exempt and Non-Exempt Status

Federal and state laws require that overtime must be paid for certain, but not all, jobs. The Federal law regulating overtime requirements is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The term “exempt” refers to jobs that are excluded from these overtime requirements. This means that staff members are not entitled to overtime pay if the job is “exempt” regardless of how many hours are worked.

Pay Band Assignments

The Pay Band Schedule consists of 16 pay bands for all staff positions. The program is market-based, which means that the market value is based on job content and determines the pay band assignment. The skills, knowledge, experience, and performance of the incumbent determines an individual’s pay level within the pay band.

University Job Titles

A job title should clearly and accurately describe the job roles and responsibilities. In order to ensure that titles are appropriate descriptors and to ensure consistency across the University, job titles should be reviewed and approved by the appropriate divisional Vice President and Human Resources prior to their use.

Job Evaluation

Jobs (positions) are assigned to pay bands based on external and internal benchmarking. Since the basis for this decision is job content, significant changes in job content may warrant a review of the job and its benchmarking. Jobs are assigned to position classifications based on the duties of the position. A position is not assigned to a classification based on the person in the job.