BaylorPLUS Award

Amine Qourzal, 2017 BaylorPLUS Salute award recipient, pictured with family and guests at the Spring Staff Forum. 

Each year, the BaylorPLUS committee reviews the BaylorPLUS Salutes submitted and chooses one exceptional recipient to receive the BaylorPLUS Award. This award recognizes the exceptional efforts of those who serve Baylor University and is presented at the Spring Staff Forum.

Baylor University’s mission calls for the integration of academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community. As representatives of Baylor, we develop that caring community every day through our interactions with students, parents, faculty, fellow staff and the Waco community.

BaylorPLUS Salutes recognize those individuals who provide “above and beyond” service at Baylor. These moments of exceptional service are submitted on the HR website by faculty, staff, parents, and students throughout the year.

Amine Qourzal, Associate Director of Counseling in the Student Financial Aid Office, was selected for this award becasue of his commitment to helping students succeed during their time at Baylor. 

"Mr. Qourzal has went above and beyond assisting me and my mother throughout my time here at Baylor. I first met Mr. Qourzal my fall semester of my freshman year and up until my senior year he has not only been my advocate and my advisor, but he has been my mentor. This man has literally exceeded my expectations so much so that he continued to work rigorously day and night to help us in any way he could to ensure my success at Baylor. I never knew that my success meant this much to Mr. Qourzal, but as I begin to reflect on the influence and the impact he has made in my life, this brought tears to my eyes."

The above statement is from a student Qourzal has impacted in his role in the Student Financial Aid office. Baylor is thankful to have staff who embody the mission of Baylor University: to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.