BaylorPLUS Award

Each year, the BaylorPLUS committee reviews the BaylorPLUS Salutes submitted and chooses one exceptional recipient to receive the BaylorPLUS Award. This award recognizes the exceptional efforts of those who serve Baylor University and is presented at the Spring Staff Forum.

2016 BaylorPLUS Award Winner: Kim Bechel


Baylor University’s mission calls for the integration of academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community. As representatives of Baylor, we develop that caring community every day through our interactions with students, parents, faculty, fellow staff and the Waco community.

BaylorPLUS Salutes recognize those individuals who provide “above and beyond” service at Baylor. These moments of exceptional service are submitted on the HR website by faculty, staff, parents, and students throughout the year. Today, we honor one BaylorPLUS recipient as a shining example of service to the Baylor family with the presentation of the BaylorPLUS Award.

The summer before students enter college are full of forms, plans, preparations for classes, and saying good-byes. It’s easy to understand how one of these excited and preoccupied students might forget a few things. This past summer, one of our incoming freshman faced the stomach-dropping realization that she had forgotten to accept her financial aid award. Hysterical that she had lost the chance to attend Baylor, the student and her parents called the Cashier’s Office. Kim Bechel answered the call in more ways than simply picking up the phone.

“Kim was kind, patient, empathetic, and eager to help us resolve the situation. She calmed us down and walked us through the steps needed to get the funds in place for Fall Semester. She even stayed on the phone with us and navigated us through the website! She provided her contact information and let us know that she was going to follow up by the end of business today to let us know if the cancelation of classes could be halted.”

At the end of the day, all was well: the class schedule was saved, the student’s opportunity lay before her, and Baylor’s caring community was demonstrated in a very real way. All of this was due to the compassionate and proactive actions taken by Kim Bechel.