Medical Insurance
Baylor University offers two medical insurance plans for faculty and staff.
Preferred Provider Organization   High Deductible Health Plan + Health Savings Account
The PPO offers:
  • Higher premiums
  • Lower deductibles (Co-pays vary by service)
  • Potential for lower out-of-pocket costs
  • ACA preventative care prescriptions covered at 100%
  • Opportunity to use a Flexible Spending Account (savings cannot be carried forward - use it or lose it!)
The PPO may be advantageous for anyone who has a history of spending more on their out-of-pocket medical expenses.
  The HDHP + HSA offers:
  • Lower premiums (45% lower than PPO premiums!)
  • Higher deductibles
  • Higher out-of-pocket costs
  • ACA preventative care prescriptions covered at 100%
  • Specific generic preventative care prescriptions covered at 100%
  • Opportunity to build wealth with a Health Savings Account (savings can be carried forward indefinitely)
  • Baylor contributes to your HSA in January of each year
The HDHP + HSA may be advantageous for anyone who has a history of spending less on their out-of-pocket medical expenses. Informed consumerism is key to effectively managing medical expenses.

Compare plans and premium cost to make the best decision for you and your family:

  • BCBS Customer Service
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas (BCBS) administers both plans and provides access to a large national group of "in-network" providers (to keep your costs lower)
  • Annual eligible preventative services are provided at NO COST
  • International medical benefits are available
  • "Out-of-network" services are covered at a reduced amount, subject to BCBS allowable cost
  • Filing a medical claim + provider's statement may be required for "out-of-network" services
  • BCBS provides great tools to review claim status, explain benefits paid, estimate costs, offer extensive health risk assessments, and more to help manage your health
  • CVS/caremark for prescription benefit management
  • BCBS has contracted with Davis Vision to allow for discount vision benefits with participating Davis Vision companies (local participating companies are Vision Works and EyeMart).
  • Airrosti services for chronic pain are a $30 copay for those on the PPO medical plan and a $30 copay after deductible for those on the high deductible plan.
  • Hearing Aids are covered at 1 per ear per 36 month period. For PPO and High Deductible Health Plans, cost applies to deductible and coinsurance covers 80% of the remaining allowable charges. Search in-network providers for audiology specialists. Contact or ext. 2000 for processing of claims through the Baylor Speech & Hearing clinic.

New faculty/staff: Choose your medical plan and enroll within 30 days of hire or decline coverage.

Continuing faculty/staff: Enrollment changes must be made during open enrollment or within 30 days of a qualifying life event. For benefit enrollment and changes, go to SmartBen™.

More information:
  • HIPP Medicaid - If a member of your family is eligible for Medicaid, you may be eligible for a reimbursement of your medical premium.
  • Medicare Guide for full-time actively employed - Learn about some important decisions you'll need to make about your health care in the months before you turn age 65.
  • HDHP Video - This video mentions CDHP instead of HDHP. Both a CDHP and HDHP are acronyms for a high deductible health plan.
  • PPO Video

For claims: Medical Claim Form