Wellness and Work Life

Wellness is a broad term that implies being whole in all aspects of living. We endeavor to develop a culture of health, well-being, balance and productivity at Baylor University. Faculty/staff can pursue these objectives through numerous university sponsored or encouraged programs and offerings.

Faculty and Staff Fitness Programs

Participate in a variety of on-campus using Baylor facilities or in your own off-campus fitness program and be eligible for incentives.


Many Baylor faculty and staff are enthusiastically sitting less and standing more at work. This site is designed to inform faculty and staff about the dangers of excessive sitting and to provide simple and creative ways to take one's level of physical activity to new heights.

Student Life Center (SLC)

The Student Life Center is a free onsite fitness center for Baylor faculty and staff members and their families. The SLC provides access to the many programs and equipment, some of which require a reasonable fee. Also faculty and staff members have free access to Russell Gym, Baylor Marina , and Bear Trail.

Baby Bear Program

The Baby Bear Basket Program has been established to affirm the importance of familial commitments and to strengthen and expand Baylor's traditional sense of community. Upon the birth or adoption of a child by a full-time faculty or full-time staff member, Human Resources will provide a congratulatory gift to celebrate the wonderful event.

New and Expectant Parents

Resources and helpful information to assist new and expectant parents.

Lactation Accommodation

Baylor University encourages faculty, staff and supervisors to have a positive, accepting attitude toward working women and breastfeeding. Baylor University promotes and supports breastfeeding and the expression of breast milk by faculty and staff who are providing breast milk to their infants when they return to work by providing information to all faculty and staff about the benefits of breastfeeding and Baylor's policy that supports breastfeeding.

Spiritual Life Office

Spiritual Wellness is encouraged for faculty and staff. Also, faculty and staff are welcome to participate in the events offered by the Spiritual Life Office.