Insurance Benefits at Baylor

Plans for which You and Baylor Share the Cost

Medical Insurance
The University offers two types of medical coverage. The plan options are the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Blue Choice Plan and the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) + Health Savings Account (HSA). Both medical plans are managed by Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Texas. Affordable cost along with excellent coverage enriches your total compensation package. More Info

Prescription Drug Plan
Baylor's prescription drug plan is CVS/caremark. You are automatically enrolled in the prescription drug plan administered by CVS/caremark when you enroll in one of the medical plans. More Info

Dental Plan
Baylor University offers the Cigna PPO dental plan. Baylor pays the cost for any eligible faculty/staff member that enrolls in the Cigna dental plan. Faculty and staff will pay monthly premiums to add coverage for dependents. More Info

Plans for which Baylor Pays the Full Cost for You

Long Term Disability
Long-Term disability insurance is a form of income protection that provides a portion of your salary in the event of a disabling illness or injury. A long-term disability benefit is provided by Baylor University for eligible full-time faculty/staff and will be covered at Baylor's expense. More Info

Basic Employee and Dependent Term Life Insurance
Basic Term Life Insurance is provided by Baylor University for eligible full-time faculty and staff and their eligible dependents. This benefit will be covered at Baylor's expense. More Info

Plans for which, If Elected, You Pay the Full Cost

Continuation of Coverage
Employees who are separating from service and their dependents who have been covered by medical/dental plans may apply for continued coverage for up to 18 months, subject to certain conditions. Dependents, spouse/children, who no longer meet eligibility requirements due to divorce, limiting age 26, etc., may continue as an individual on the medical/dental plans for up to 36 months, subject to certain conditions. More Info

Supplemental Insurance Plans
Eligible full-time faculty/staff are offered the option of electing a variety of voluntary, supplemental insurance plans. The supplemental plans offered are:
  • EyeMed Vision Plan
  • *AFLAC plans - Accident, Cancer/Specified Disease, Specified Health Event, and Short-Term Disability
  • *Humana - Cancer/Specified Diseases
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Supplemental Term Life (maybe portable at some point)
  • *UNUM - Long Term Care
* are portable, meaning an employee may continue participation in the insurance even after they are no longer employed with Baylor. More Info on these supplemental plans.

Insurance Overview

2018 Insurance Premium Schedule

BlueAccess for Members (BAM)

Do you want to find savings by comparing costs for medical services? Log into Blue Access for Members (BAM), and use Provider Finder to estimate the cost of hundreds of procedures, treatments, and tests. Click here for a walk-through of how to use this tool.