Learning & Leadership

The caring community of Baylor University is supported by the faculty and staff of the Baylor family. While the employees of Baylor develop and serve our students and community, HR Learning & Leadership's focus is to develop and serve our employees.

HR Learning & Leadership endeavors to build upon the strengths of our managers and employees in order to develop a culture of excellence. We foster an environment of continuous learning, professional growth, and organizational effectiveness through learning and development opportunities and solutions at individual, team and organizational levels. We relate the employee's work performance to the University's mission and vision through the staff performance management process and award employees' individual contributions through our recognition programs.

Education & Training
At Baylor University, we are dedicated to education - including the education of our employees. We believe that lifelong learning of our employees is essential to the fulfillment of Baylor University's mission and the execution of its vision. Our learning and development opportunities focus on enhancing the core competencies and behaviors of our staff and supervisors. These opportunities include professional development classes and workshops, online programs, and a resource library. HR Learning & Leadership also provides customized solutions to address specific areas of development such as communication, team-building, or organizational projects for individuals and work groups.

Performance Management
Each employee of Baylor University serves an important role in furthering the mission and vision of the university. In support of Pro Futuris and Judicious Stewardship, employees identify improvements to increase efficiencies, integrate assessment into decision-making, and continue faculty and staff development. This is accomplished through a collaborative, ongoing process of performance management whereby managers and employees plan for, develop, and evaluate the employee’s work. These conversations take place throughout the year, and each spring we engage in a formal process to document this ongoing interaction - the Annual Staff Performance Appraisal & Planning Process.

As families celebrate each other's achievements, we celebrate the accomplishments of Baylor employees. Recognition of individual employee contributions exhibits a commitment to excellence and creates a positive, motivating work environment. In HR, we strive to create an atmosphere of appreciation and promote the encouragement of colleagues through our recognition programs.