Finishing the FRP

Hopefully, you've enjoyed reading the book assigned for the Freshman Reading Project. After reading, there are just a few more steps to complete the project's requirements.

By now, you've attended attend the Honors Program Freshman Assembly. At this meeting, you heard from Dr. Whelan on some ideas related to your FRP text, Unraveled. An audio recording of his talk can be found the web page containing the specific prompt for this year's Reading Project.

After the assembly, you signed up for a small group discussion about the reading. This discussion will be led by a current Honors Program student and should last for an hour. This is also time for you to meet and interact with other students entering the Honors Program.

Finally, you'll compose a brief, final reflection based on your reading and discussion. This reflection is due no later than the start of your small group meeting. The prompt for the reflection assignment is posted on the Honors Program web site.

If you were unable to attend the Freshman Assembly, you can still sign up for the small group discussion via sign-up sheets posted outside of Dr. Beck's office, Morrison Hall 203.3. Come during regular business hours as the Honors Suite is locked in the evenings and on the weekend.

That's it! We hope that the Freshman Reading Project introduces you to some new ideas, people, and the culture of inquiry, discussion, and creativity that is a hallmark of the Baylor Honors Program.

Honors Program

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