Pre-planning your fall schedule

Here's a handy overview of your fall class schedule:

Recommended first-semester Honors student schedule =
Five academic classes + chapel (approx. 15-16 credit hours)


The fall schedule should include the following items:

  1. New Student Experience (NSE) course:
    • Most Honors students: an FYS class
    • BIC Honors students: BIC 1112
    • Some Honors students: either of the above, and/or another NSE as required for your major. Many students will have multiple NSE classes.
  2. Chapel
    • Residence hall chapel (e.g., HRC, Brooks), or
    • Other in-person chapel opportunity, or
    • Chapel related to your academic or preprofessional goals
  3. Two HONORS classes
    • Most Honors students: First-year seminar & 1 other Honors class
    • BIC Honors students: Group contract in World Cultures 1
    • While not ideal, students sometimes take only one Honors class in the fall
  4. Other classes as needed for your major, minor, preprofessional program, or general education.

Note that while there are a few things you MUST do this first semester, and some things that you should NOT take this fall, there are always multiple "right" class schedules for any given student. Your advisor will help you make these choices and guide you to a solid first-semester plan that balances your goals and interests.


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