Current Baylor Students

Current Baylor students are encouraged to consider joining the Honors Program.

FRESHMAN YEAR: Entering undergraduates who have (1) previously applied to the Honors Program or communicated with admission staff within the program, and (2) earned a 3.6 or better grade-point average after their first semester will be invited to apply for entry into the Honors Program, effective in the spring semester of their first year. Such invitations are distributed through Baylor e-mail during the Christmas break. Interested students must follow instructions for returning their completed applications before spring classes begin in January. Those accepted into the program will be advised by program staff about required Honors coursework and will make any necessary schedule adjustments by the end of the first week of the spring term.

PRIOR TO THE START OF THE JUNIOR YEAR: Other Baylor students may apply to the Honors Program at any time prior the start of the junior year. An undergraduate who has earned a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or above in Baylor coursework should contact the Assistant Director (Dr. Al Beck) of the Honors Program to schedule a meeting to discuss the opportunities and requirements of the Honors Program. Succesful applicants usually must have four or more remaining semesters at Baylor in order to provide adequate time to complete Departmental Honors.

Upon meeting with the Assistant Director, the prospective student will submit a program application. At the program’s discretion, letters of recommendation from Baylor faculty may also be required. Applicants who are accepted in this manner will be advised about coursework for the following term. Those students who complete the final two years of the program are accorded, upon graduating, the distinction of “Departmental Honors.”

TRANSFER STUDENTS: Students who transfer to Baylor University from another college are generally asked to complete a semester at Baylor University before applying to the Honors Program. In order to complete the Honors thesis and other program requirements, these students should be prepared to spend at least three years as an undergraduate at Baylor. A first-semester Baylor GPA of 3.6 or better is required for these transfer admissions.

Honors Program

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