Opportunities for those in the HRC

The Honors Residential College (HRC) is a highly intentional and integrated living and learning community committed to cultivating students’ love of God, love of neighbor, and love of learning. Toward this end, the HRC offers incoming freshmen the following unique ways to earn credit by sharing in these loves.

The Formation Series: The Formation Series is one of the main ways our community comes together around the love of learning. Each fall and spring, the HRC hosts a series of three public lectures. In these engaging presentations, Formation lecturers will investigate the dynamic between moral formation and moral influence. To earn an Honors Unit for participating, students must attend two lectures each term and write a reflection essay on one of the lectures. Students may earn half an Honors Unit for one term and a whole Honors Unit for completing both semesters.

The Fifth Floor: Beyond the residential floors of Memorial-Alexander are the HRC’s informed engagement initiatives. We call these efforts “The Fifth Floor” both because we view service as the intellectual life’s highest calling and greatest inspiration and because life in Memorial-Alexander prepares us for life beyond. The Fifth Floor, led by students in the College Council’s Fifth Floor Committee, is comprised of the following focused areas of service:

  • Afterschool Centers for Education (ACE): In partnership with local education leaders, HRC students go twice weekly to an East Waco middle school to learn with the children there.
  • HRC Mission Trip: Through HRC service-learning mission trips, we engage pressing global issues involving immigration, violence, and poverty. In the past two years, the HRC has pursued this work through a trip to Colombia partnered with One More Child and to San Antonio partnered with the Interfaith Welcome Coalition to work alongside refugees.
  • Family Health Center (FHC): The HRC is engaged in areas of service learning related to health service provision locally through a meaningful partnership with Waco’s Family Health Center, which serves low-income residents of our city.  Students are able to participate in the FHC’s long-term research efforts focusing on social determinants of health issues.

HRC Co-Curricular Courses: In order to support our co-curricular mission, where living and learning happen together, the HRC is proud to offer the following HRC-specific courses for residents in Fall 2020 (offerings will also be made available for Spring 2021):

REL 1310.H1 (CRN 44715)  Christian Scriptures
Dr. Jason Whitt,
MWF 10:10-11:00, Alexander 115
Religion 1310, The Christian Scriptures, is a university-required course. The HRC is happy to offer an HRC-specific Honors section of the course, taught by the HRC Faculty Steward, Dr. Jason Whitt, in an HRC classroom with HRC students. This section will emphasize reading scripture within the arc of salvation history, and hence will begin with Christ’s mission as the lens through which to understand the whole of scripture. Questions of Biblical interpretation and authority will also be explored. Students are encouraged to continue with the HRC Honors section of Christian Heritage (REL 1350), the second university-required religion course, in the spring semester.

FYS 1399.N2 (CRN 26139)  Honor & Character in Medicine
Dr. Sparky Matthews
MWF 11:15-12:00 PM, Memorial 120
In this course, incoming Freshman will learn about becoming a physician of honor and character, preparing to lead in the world of medicine. Taught by a physician that was himself a Baylor University premed student, the course will focus on integrating leadership principles, ethical issues of honor and character, and a Christian foundation as students begin their journey towards becoming a physician. There is no prerequisite medical knowledge required. The ideal class participant is a premed student that knows little about the world of medicine or what it means to be a physician. This course is the first step in developing the student into a physician leader of character. One-on-one mentoring with Dr. Matthews is an additional feature of this course and may extend (at the student’s discretion) beyond the semester.

Morning & Evening Prayer

CHA 1091.02 (CRN 42150) - Morning Prayer
MTWR 8:30 AM-8:50 AM

CHA 1091.06 (CRN 42147) - Evening Prayer
MTWR 9:00 PM-9:20 PM

Monday through Thursday each week, at 8:30 AM and 9:00 PM, the HRC hosts Morning and Evening Prayer Services in our beautiful Memorial Chapel. Students may earn one of their two required chapel credits by joining with their neighbors in centering their daily work in response to God's love. Prayer services are about twenty minutes long and are based on ancient Christian traditions of prayer. To earn credit, students must attend three out of four morning or evening services each week throughout the semester.

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