Honors & Certain Majors
(BBF, HASC, UNSC, Music)

Honors Program students who are majoring in Baylor Business Fellows, Hankamer Scholars, University Scholars, or Music will not meet with an Honors Program academic advisor during summer orientation. The academic advisor for those majors will advise students for their major, preprofessional, and Honors Program requirements.

Students in these majors should review the information on the Honors Program web site for incoming students. Of particular importance are the required videos for all Honors Program students and the list of Honors classes available in the fall semester.

Most Business Fellows and Hankamer Scholars will take two classes for Honors credit in the fall, ECO 1380 and one other Honors class of the student's choosing. Good options include a First Year Seminar (various topics). Premed business students should consider taking an Honors section of BIO 1305 or CHE 1301. Prelaw students should consider an Honors section of a humanities or social science class like REL 1310 or PSC 1387.

Most University Scholars will take two or three classes for Honors credit in the fall, GTX 2301 and one or two additional Honors classes of the student's choosing. 

Most Music students in Honors will take one or two classes for Honors credit in the fall. Honors sections of Music Theory I are offered, but other classes might be of value to music students. Music students should prioritize scheduling their music classes, working Honors classes in around those required courses.

FYS & Other Honors Classes


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