Honors and BIC

For summer orientation, Honors Program students who are in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC) will meet with their BIC advisor to discuss and register their fall schedule. Your BIC advisor will share with you how BIC and the Honors Program work together to meet your academic and preprofessional needs. Honors Program students in the BIC will not meet separately with an Honors Program advisor this summer.

The video below talks about how these two programs work together. Currently, about 20% of Honors Program students are also in the BIC. These students satisfy most of their lower-level Honors requirements via their BIC coursework. In particular, there are opportunities for students to complete Honors Group Contracts in their Social World and World Cultures BIC sequence.  


An overview of the four-year BIC/Honors Curriculum can be found at the link below. [PDF]

BIC/Honors 4-year Plan


Honors Program

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