Freshman Reading Project - Prompt

Option 1- Writing Prompt

In 600-800 words respond to the following:

Anthony Doerr chose “All the Light We Cannot See” as the title of this book. Using six or more specific references to light found in the text, what is Doerr really trying to get us to understand about the nature of light and our interaction with it? Spend most of your time reflecting on this question but conclude your writing by exploring the implications that you can draw from this project regarding the role of light in your own journey, particularly as you begin your Baylor experience.


Option 2 -Visual Expression with Artist’s Statement

Using 11x17 white cardstock, which may be picked up from the Honors Suite in 203 Morrison Hall, create a colorful, illustrated road map showing two roads or journeys, one taken by Werner and the other taken by Marie- Laure. Show points of interest along the way and show where they converge. The points of interest should be illustrated or decorated in such a way as to demonstrate your knowledge of major plot points for each character.

Additionally, attach two small boxes (also provided by honors along with the cardstock). In one box create an interior that describes Marie and in the other that describes Werner. Include as much as you can about the type of person this is e.g. their background, interests, hopes and dreams, people influencing them etc. (Making miniatures was part of the book so this is your chance to convey the richness of these two characters in Miniature.)

Produce something that looks finished and polished. You may use collage, drawing, painting or any other medium you are comfortable using. Along with your map, turn in a 1-2-page legend that explains the points on your map. You will be evaluated on neatness, level of detail, overall visual appeal in executing your map, and on the well-written separate legend.

Audio File

Clink on the link below to listen to the panel discussion from the Freshman Assembly where Dr. Neilson and Ms. Marcum discussed All the Light You Cannot See.

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