Freshman Reading Project - Prompt

Freshman Reading Project Essay/Reflection Prompt

To complete the Freshman Reading Project, choose one of the options below. To help you reflect on the reading and talk by Dr. Jim Marcum, a short article and a recording of the talk delivered at the Freshman Assembly will be posted below the two options on September1 or 2.

Written Option: In 600-800 words using specific references from the text respond to the following: 

In Dr. Marcum’s talk, he concludes with this idea:
Care and competence are “essential qualities” of compassionate medical practice, for clinicians need to care about (Care1) patients to be technically and ethically competent to provide the “best overall care” of (Care2) patients.

Explain what the terms “care” and “competence” involve and why it is so important to have both in any field you may enter in your future./p>

In your reply, you should consider one or more of the following themes or questions, though other ideas may certainly be brought into the conversation as well:

  • The benefit of interdisciplinary study ( eg. Your Baylor Honors education) in cultivating care and competence
  • The ways in which care and competence are demonstrated in the play and by which characters
  • The ways in which care and competence are not demonstrated in the play and by which characters.


Art option: On a standard half of a poster board or an 8x 10 standard canvas, create a visual representation of each of the characters in the play, Wit and convey their interactions. This may be symbolically rendered in whatever way you wish and in any medium you choose.

Along with your art, submit a one-page artist’s statement in which you explain your piece. As with the longer essay option, you must make specific references from the text. You do not need to have artistic ability or experience to choose this option. However, submissions must be presented in a professional and polished way. Spend the time to make sure it is not sloppy or unfinished looking. Top submissions will be displayed in the Baylor Library.


These items will be posted after the Freshman Assembly.

Article: Care and Competence in Medical Practice: Francis Peabody Confronts Jason Posner

Recording of 2021 Freshman Assembly

You can purchase Wit at the Baylor Bookstore, Barnes and NobleAmazon, and a variety of other book retailers.

Margaret Edson, Wit: A Play (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1999)

ISBN-13: 978-0571198771



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