Freshman Reading Project - Prompt

Freshman Reading Project Essay/Reflection Prompt

In 600-800 words using specific references from the text respond to the following: As the world currently struggles with a global pandemic, what lessons can we learn from the story of the London cholera epidemic as told in The Ghost Map?

In your reply, you should consider one or more of the following themes or questions, though other ideas may certainly be brought into the conversation, as well:

  • The benefit of interdisciplinary study in solving complex problems;
  • The scientific legacy of Dr. John Snow and Rev. Henry Whitehead, and how such a legacy could be helpful to the current global pandemic;
  • How unique personal experiences and characteristics helped Snow and Whitehead identify and solve the problem of cholera;
  • The role of mistakes and dead-ends in the pursuit of solutions to complex problems, and how we can both learn from and avoid critical misconceptions, both in the London cholera epidemic and today.


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