FRP - Prompt

Freshman Reading Project Essay/Reflection Prompt

To complete the Freshman Reading Project, choose one of the options below. To help you reflect on the reading and talk by Dr. Whelan, both an audio recording and printed copy of his talk delivered at the Freshman Assembly are posted at the bottom of this page.

Written Option: In 600-800 words, respond to the following: 

Maxine Bedat uses a variety of disciplinary approaches to analyze the issues discussed in Unraveled. Identify and describe the academic disciplines necessary for someone to properly analyze and potentially solve the complex problems described in Unraveled. Do you think Maxine Bedat could have done something better and if so, support your opinion with examples from the text.

Spend most of your time reflecting on this question but conclude your writing by exploring the implications that you can draw from this project regarding the role of light in your own academic journey, particularly as you begin your Baylor experience.

Visual Expression with Artist's Statement

Bedat states that there are teams of designers in New York, Accra and London developing new designs from existing material. Be a part of this right here in Waco, Texas. Using an article of discarded clothing, which may be picked up from the Honors Suite in 203 Morrison Hall or from your own sources, create an original item that is useable. You may draw on them, cut them up, sew on them, write on them etc..Be creative!! We will display these new creations!!

Produce something that looks finished and polished.

Along with your creation, turn in a 1-2-page artist statement. On the first page, describe your intentions and decisions based on ideas sparked by reading Unraveled BEFORE you begin your creation. Describe these insights and where in the text you derived them.

On the second page, Continue your discussion with reflections about the process and the finished product AFTER completion.

Your response or reflection is due to your Freshman Reading Project student leader at the start of your meeting!

Text of Matthew Whelan's Remarks on Unraveled

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