HON 3100 & 3101 Advanced Readings & Research

HON 3100 & 3101 Advanced Readings Overview

The goal of HON 3100 is to help students prepare for the thesis project.  In this course, students will identify a research topic and will work with a research librarian to begin compiling readings for the thesis. By the end of the semester, students are responsible for finding a thesis advisor to work with them during HON 3101. They will submit a reading contract signed by their thesis advisor, which outlines their research plan, to be completed during HON 3101.   

In the HON 3101 course, students will complete the research plan outlined in their reading contract with their thesis advisor. At the end of the semester, students complete a proposal that identifies the thesis argument and brief chapter outlines.  The thesis proposal should be signed and approved by their thesis advisor and submitted to the Honors office on Canvas.  Students may also begin drafting a tentative first chapter of the thesis project.  After completing HON 3101, each Honors student may begin the Honors Thesis course (HON 4V87).

Thesis courses (HON 4V87)

HON 3101 Grades

All students taking HON 3101 Readings and Research should register with their thesis advisor.* Students should request an override from their Honors advisor to register for their thesis advisor’s section.  The thesis advisor is responsible for issuing their student a letter grade, which can be entered in Bearweb.  Grades for this course are based on the fulfillment of both the research outlined in the reading contract and the thesis proposal at the end of the semester. 

*If a student does not have a thesis advisor at the time of registration, students can register for section 1 with Ms. Charmaine Dull.  Students should have a confirmed thesis advisor by week 6 of the semester in order to have time to complete the research plan established on their reading contract.  At the end of the semester, Ms. Dull will contact the thesis advisor to ask for the grade the student has earned. 

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