BEARdocs Submission

Set up your BEARdocs Account

  • Go to
  • Select the "Login" link in the upper right hand corner. 
  • Enter your Bear ID and password.
  • After you log in, your name should display where the "Login" link displayed 
  • To log out, select "logout" from the drop down menu associated with your name


 You must first receive authorization from the Honors Program to submit your thesis to BEARdocs. This will happen after your thesis has been reviewed for proper formatting. 

Document Preparation

 Save your thesis as an Archival PDF (PDF-A). Here are the instructions on how to do that. If you are using a Mac and run into issues, save your thesis as a Word document and then complete the conversion process using a PC. Computers are available in the library, the SUB, and in certain other buildings across campus. 

  • Before you save the document, make sure all parts of your thesis are in proper order. (See page fourteen in the Guidelines for Formatting an Honors Thesis).
  • If you saved sections of your thesis in separate files, convert each section to an Archival PDF and then use Adobe Acrobat (NOT Acrobat Reader) to merge the sections together into one PDF document.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can access this program on most workstations/computer labs on campus. Here are instructions on how to merge PDFs. 
  • Print out and sign the Honors College Agreement (both you and your thesis advisor must sign this form). 
  • Scan the completed and signed Honors College Agreement, saving it as another PDF.  If you do not own a scanner, the computer lab in Moody Library has one that you can use.  Many copiers on campus can also be used to scan a document which can then be emailed to you.

Submission to BEARdocs 

Submit your thesis to BEARdocs. This is a laborious process, but it does NOT need to be completed in one sitting. This document will walk you through the process. 

  • If you find that you are unable to submit your Honors thesis, it may be because you have not been granted authorization from the Honors Program.  Again, you will not be able to submit your thesis to BEARdocs until it has been reviewed for proper formatting.
  • You will upload two documents to BEARdocs: (if you completed a thesis with a performance component, you can also upload relevant media files)
  1. Signed Honors College Agreement PDF 
  2. the entire thesis as a single PDF-A document. 

As BEARdocs submission is a relatively new requirement for the Honors Program, please let Dr. Beck know if something is unclear or if these instructions failed to include an important step or element.

BEARdocs Submission Documents:

  1.  Converting a Word Doc to Archival PDF 
  2.  Combining Multiple PDFs into One 
  3. Honors College Agreement 
  4. Submitting Your Honors Thesis to BEARdocs

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