Book and Film Clubs

The Honors Book and Film Clubs are a great way to make some new friends and get some of your Honors Requirements done at the same time. We watched some wonderful and memorable films and read some very interesting books last semester so please consider joining either of the clubs described below.
Honors Credit for Club Participation

The Honors Book and Film Clubs are opportunities for you to receive one unit of Honors credit toward your lower-level Honors requirement by participating in a club for two semesters. This is Honors credit only, not credit for an actual course. (Upper-level credit may be earned by leading a session in one of the two semesters.)

Each semester, students volunteer to read and discuss one of the selected books or view two of the selected films in small group sessions. A short critical essay about the book or film is required by the end of the semester. For book club, one essay covering the text is required. Books will be discussed in two group meetings to be determined by the student leader. For film club two essays are required: one for each film.

Signing Up for a Club

To sign up for the book or film clubs, you will need to come to the Honors Office in 209 Morrison Hall and sign up for a group. You will receive an email indicating when you may begin signing up as a participant in a club. Remember that you must come in to the Honors Office to sign up! Sign up sheets will be found outside of Mrs. Marcum's door. This will be done on a first come, first serve basis.

For Book Club: Once a book group has eight students, that group will be closed and you will need to pick a second choice. If you need to switch groups, it will be up to you to make the switch by contacting students in other groups. Once you have signed up for your preferred group, the leader of the group will contact you to set the meeting times. Once again, book groups are limited to eight people.

For Film Club: Sign up for two films. Be sure to copy the times and dates onto your calendar.

Please be sure to include your Baylor e-mail address on the sign up form in our office. You will not be considered a book or film club member if this contact information is missing.

Honors Program

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