Academics and Research

Program Structure:

First and second year: developing educational breadth

Most of your Honors coursework happens in your major. You will get to begin your Honors studies with an Honors Program Seminar of your choosing, where you engage in high-level reading and discussion with one of Baylor’s best professors. 

In the spring of your freshman year, you then begin a two-semesters sequence of Great Texts courses, where you will read some of the greatest works of the western intellectual tradition — consider texts by Plato, Aristotle, Homer, Dante, and the like. You continue taking other Honors classes in your major. 

The final required course is taken during your sophomore or junior year. Colloquium is an engaging opportunity where you read and discuss five books of your choice, which may or may not be related to your academic major. You write some brief reflections on each reading and discuss your text with other students in a small group.

Third and fourth year: identifying research interests

The Honors Program curriculum culminates in a Senior Thesis. For this project you choose and work with a mentor who guides you in choosing and pursuing a research question. A required course in research methods during your sophomore or junior year is meant to guide you as you formulate your particular project. A thesis might consist of bench research in the sciences, archeological field research in Italy, creating original artwork, writing a business plan -- the possibilities are practically endless!

By the end of your senior year, you will have produced and defended this substantial piece of original research or creative expression. Many students tell us that this is the most challenging and rewarding part of their college experience.

Honors Program

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