Honors Housing

Living in the Honors Residential College (HRC)

Students formally admitted into the Honors Program become eligible to apply for residence in the Honors Residential College. The HRC is designed expressly for students in at least one of the four Honors College programs, and it includes on-site classrooms and faculty offices, and coordinates special lectures and numerous social activities for such students. We encourage incoming Honors Program students to consider this exciting opportunity.

Please visit the HRC web site to learn more about this housing venture. And note that, on one hand, Honors Program students are not required to live in the HRC; but that, on the other, Honors Program students who do want to live there are not guaranteed a space. Openings are limited and demand is high. You should note carefully the HRC application process and deadlines laid out on the HRC web site.

Honors Program

Morrison Hall 203
One Bear Place #97122
Waco, TX 76798-7122

(254) 710-1119