Honors College celebrates accomplishments of Travel Stipend recipients

June 21, 2017
The Travel Stipend is awarded to support outstanding Honors College undergraduates in attending professional conferences. In most cases, funding is reserved for those students presenting papers at conferences.

Here's a look at the recipients of the travel stipend during the 2016-2017 school year and the various conferences and experiences that resulted.

walker bailey headshot
Walker Bailey (BA '17) delivered a professional paper at the Classical Association of the Middle West and South Conference and took advantage of the opportunity to network with Classics professors. “I got a clear idea of the current academic environment surrounding Classics.”

elizabeth bender headshot
Elizabeth Bender (BA '18) presented research on the healthcare coverage of children in the United States at the Texas Council on Family Relations Conference and learned more about family financial literacy and competency. “I believe that I grew as a student because I was introduced to a variety of different professions that are all impacted by this topic.”

rose brugger headshot
Rose Brugger (BA ’19) attended the Center for Ethics and Culture Fall Conference, where she had the opportunity to discuss theories of femininity and to develop a philosophy of beauty in relation to femininity. “The conference introduced me to several approaches to thinking about the concept of beauty that I intend to pursue and integrate into my thesis.”

david crawford headshots
David Crawford (BA ’17) shared the research he had conducted for his honors thesis with Dr. Bill Hoy, titled “Investigating the Influence of African American Clergy on Congregants’ Medical Decision-Making at the End of Life.” “The opportunity to attend this conference allowed me to further my learning in the realm of end-of-life medical care, while also strengthening my resume for future professional endeavors throughout medical school.”

alice knaeble headshot
Alice Knaeble (BA ’17) attended the Conference in Medicine and Religion. “I learned from other medical professionals who share a love for scholarship and faith.”

cynthia liu headshot
Cynthia Liu (BA ’18) presented research at the Classical Association of the Middle West and South Conference and met professors from graduate programs to which she will begin applying soon. “Overall, it was a very helpful experience which I gained a lot from.”

emily neel headshot
Emily Neel (BBA ’17) attended the Women’s Influence and Liberty Conference, where she learned about the influence on policy decisions that can result from entrepreneurship. “It allowed me to interact with a wide range of women who are deeply interested in policy decisions that affect our everyday lives.”

emily nieson headshot
Emily Nieson (BA ’19) presented work from her thesis on global health at the Unite for Sight Global Heath and Innovation Conference. “I left the conference with a broadened perspective and new ideas on how to further pursue a career in global health as well as the tools to accomplish my professional goals.”

jeremy petersen headshot
Jeremy Petersen (BA ’17) traveled to Beijing and Nanjing, China, to collect data for a research project on the Youth Olympic Games and presented his findings at the Sport Marketing Association Conference. “Getting to see a project through from data collection in China to a poster presentation in Indianapolis was one of the highlights of my academic career at Baylor."

hannah rogers headshot
Hannah Rogers (BA ’18) delivered a paper at the Classical Association of the Middle West and South Conference and had the opportunity to interact with thinkers and researchers in her field. “This conference aided me in interacting professionally with other scholars and in considering possible research tracks for my current papers and for graduate school.”

hannah schwartz headshot
Hannah Schwartz (BA ’18) attended the Texas A&M Book History Workshop where she attended seminars about the history of books and gained hands-on experience in hand press era printing skills. “It was an important step towards my career goal of becoming a rare books and special collections librarian.”

rebecca voth headshot
Rebecca Voth (BA ’18) formed relationships with student leaders and professionals from around the world when she attended the National Student Leadership Forum. “I know that I will remember the lessons I learned at the conference for years to come as I seek to be a leader at Baylor, in law school, and as a professional.”

jamie wheeler headshot
Jamie Wheeler (BA ’19) presented a paper at the Classical Association of the Middle West and South Conference. “Since I plan to become a professor of classics, having my abstract accepted to an undergraduate panel was an important opportunity for my development as a scholar. I learned a great deal about academic writing, the classics, and quality scholarship.”
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