Pre-Advising 2021

Welcome to the Honors College, Incoming Students!

Click below to explore resources that will be key to your success in advising and registration during your welcome experience.

Academic Advising

The process for signing up for and having your academic advising appointment will occur separately from New Student Orientation and Line Camp.  Please note that Orientation and Line Camp will be offered separately from your advising appointment, which may come before or after Line Camp.  Another timing issue will be if you plan on taking summer courses at Baylor.

You will be assigned an advisor in the Honors College based on your Honors College program or combination of programs.  If you are beginning your studies in the summer, you will register for summer and fall courses at the same time (in May). If you are not beginning your studies in the summer term, you will register for fall classes in June.  An advisor will send you an invitation to make an advising appointment.

It is important that you make final decisions about combination of programs so that the appropriate advisor is assigned to you.  Please refer to the Honors College website for more information on our programs.  You may also contact the office for the program you may still be considering.

Honors College Advising Assignments for Orientation 2021

BIC Only;

BIC Advisor


HP Only;

HP Advisor


UNSC Advisor

GTX Only: College of Arts & Sciences Advising

Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC)

CLICK HERE to explore BIC's Orientation videos. BIC will offer Live Sessions (dates TBA).  

Questions? CLICK HERE to see BIC's FAQs.

Great Texts (GTX)

CLICK HERE to view GTX's Orientation video. GTX will schedule personal Zoom meetings with students who have questions or would like to learn more. To request a Zoom meeting, please email

Questions? CLICK HERE to see GTX's FAQs.

Honors Program (HP)

CLICK HERE to explore the Honors Program's Orientation videos. The HP will offer Live Sessions (dates TBA).  

Questions? CLICK HERE to see the HP's FAQs.

University Scholars (UNSC)

CLICK HERE to view UNSC's Orientation video. UNSC will offer Live Sessions (dates TBA).  

Questions? CLICK HERE to see UNSC's FAQs.

Honors Residential College (HRC)

CLICK HERE to view the HRC's "A Day in the LIfe" series. The HRC will offer Live Sessions (dates TBA).

Questions? CLICK HERE to see HRC's FAQs.

Scheduling an Advising Appointment

On June 1, you will receive an email with information about scheduling your advising appointment. Appointments will become available on June 7. In the meantime, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the course catalogue and degree plan so that you can bring any questions you may have to your advising appointment. When scheduling your advising appointment, please make sure that it does not overlap with your in-person Orientation and Baylor Line Camp experience.

Get to know the steps in your transition process at the Your Baylor Welcome Experience website.