Honors College & Summer of Discovery

How do my Summer of Discovery, AP, IB, and dual credit courses count in the Honors College?

Your Summer of Discovery courses, as well as any AP, IB, or dual credit accepted by Baylor, will be noted on your transcript. Please read below for details on how these will be considered in each program in the Honors College, and speak with an advisor before selecting your courses. Click here to learn more about AP, IB, and dual credits in the Honors College.

Baylor Interdisciplinary Core

Summer of Discovery, AP, IB, and dual credit courses do not replace BIC courses. Since our courses are interdisciplinary, we cannot pull the history out of World Cultures or the literature out of World of Rhetoric. You would miss a valuable part of the BIC program. If the course for which you receive AP, IB, dual credit, or Summer of Discovery program credit is required by your major, then your credit meets the major requirement and will help you further advance on that path. For example, if you receive credit for PSC 1305-American National Government, and are a political science major, then the credit meets a major requirement but does not affect your BIC requirements.

For students anticipating future involvement in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, we recommend that you consider the following course options:

  1. The appropriate Math requirement for your respective degree and major
  2. Language courses for your respective degree
  3. Laboratory Science course(s) for your respective degree and major
  4. A course-specific requirement for your major

If you have further questions about coursework for your academic goals with BIC, please email BIC@baylor.edu.

Great Texts

GTX 2301 and 2302 fulfill some general education requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as the School of Engineering and Computer Science.  They also fulfill requirements for the Great Texts major and minor.   Please consult with your advisor for information relative to your specific situation. 

*GTX 2301 and GTX 2302 are not required to be taken in sequence. If you have any questions about the GTX major or minor, please contact GTX@baylor.edu.

Honors Program

The Honors Program is an enhancement to your major, so there are a variety of courses that you can take when you start in the program. Most first-year students will take an Honors seminar and one other class for Honors credit in the fall term. Honors Program students in the BIC can satisfy their Honors requirement via coursework in their BIC classes. Your academic advisor will discuss the best options for you when you meet. At that meeting, your advisor will help you determine how to apply your dual credit, AP credit, transfer credit, etc., to your course of study. If you have any questions about the Honors Program, please contact HP@baylor.edu.

University Scholars

Summer of Discovery courses can be used to jump start a specific area of interest or to explore and clarify broader interests. Summer courses can also be used to satisfy requirements for the honors society, Phi Beta Kappa, as well as the university-required religion classes, REL1310 and REL1350. A general list of summer classes can be found here and a list of Arts and Science courses grouped into topical bundles can be found here. Please contact University_Scholars@baylor.edu for individual advising for Summer 2020!