About Baylor University


Baylor’s mission is to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.


Baylor’s vision, Pro Futuris, was adopted in 2012, and serves as a compass for the University’s future and provides principal direction defined by five aspirational statements focused on transformational education, compelling scholarship, informed engagement, committed constituents, and judicious stewardship. The aspirations illuminate a future filled with promise for promoting human flourishing and offering hope to the world.

As Baylor strives to prepare students to make a difference in the world as citizens and leaders who have the faith and integrity to do what is right in the face of competing pressures and to have a passion to apply their knowledge to ends that transcend mere self-interest, Pro Futuris calls Baylor to be a place where academic excellence and life-changing experiences ignite leadership potential that increases students’ desire for wisdom, understanding of calling, and preparation for service in a diverse and interconnected global society.

Pro Futuris calls Baylor to be a place where research discoveries illuminate solutions to significant challenges confronting the world and where creative endeavors reflect the breadth of God’s creation.

Pro Futuris calls Baylor to be a place where Christian faith, in conjunction with expertise and resources, inspires a desire to address systemic problems facing the institution’s community, both local and global, and renews the campus community’s dedication to improvement of self and service to others.

Pro Futuris calls Baylor to be a place where the dedication of alumni and friends advances Baylor through sustained involvement in philanthropy.

Pro Futuris calls Baylor to be a place where the value generated by and derived from a Baylor experience is supported through a diversity of revenues, prudent management of resources and risks, and the pursuit of outstanding quality and character in every area of university life.

Strategic Academic Plan: Illuminate

The second phase of the vision articulated in Pro Futuris, is represented by the University’s Academic Strategic Plan, Illuminate, which spans 2018–2022. It carries forward the vision’s spirit while providing emphasis to several of its key components, establishing detailed goals with outcomes that will enable Baylor to realize its full potential as a preeminent Christian research university by building on the University’s historic strengths and strategically investing in new areas of research and service.

Illuminate builds upon four pillars that have shaped the institution throughout its history:

Christian Environment:

Baylor’s Baptist founders sought to establish an institution of higher learning that would “meet the needs of all ages to come.” The University is devoted to the pursuit of academic excellence animated by Christian faith.

Transformational Education:

Baylor undergraduates receive an education that develops their leadership potential, explores their faith and beliefs, increases their desire for wisdom, and prepares them for service in a diverse and interconnected global society.

Research and Scholarship:

Baylor aspires to transform lives around the world through groundbreaking research and evidence-based, capacity-building partnerships that address critical issues and create a foundation for future discoveries.

Arts and Athletics:

The pursuit of nationally recognized programs in human performance finds unique pathways through the arts and athletics at Baylor by serving as entry points to the life of the University for community members, alumni, and students.

Illuminate calls Baylor faculty to engage in multidisciplinary, signature academic initiatives and to contribute as mentors to undergraduates and graduate students through high-impact learning experiences. These selected signature academic initiatives will position Baylor for leadership in fields of national importance. By strengthening scholarship, deepening learning, and improving teaching, these initiatives will support the University’s commitment to excellence in undergraduate education and growth in graduate education.

Five areas of focus have been identified in IlluminateHealth, Data Sciences, Materials Science, Human Flourishing, Leadership, and Ethics, and Baylor in Latin America. These initiatives will enable the creation of centers of research excellence through multidisciplinary scholarship and collaboration with faculty appointments from departments, schools, and external partners. These interdependent initiatives will connect with one another through faculty partnerships, calls for research, and provision of funding.

Core Convictions

The University’s goal is intellectual activity that springs from disciplined habits of the heart and inspires action on behalf of the world. Baylor is one of a small group of institutions representing the free church tradition of Christianity. Among these, Baylor stands out for its achievements, academic and religious, and continues to move forward with distinction. The institution’s core convictions are to:

  • Encourage the integration of Christian faith and the intellectual life;
  • Support, encourage, and expect excellence in all undertakings;
  • Provide a unique place for learning and the building of community;
  • Equip individuals to understand life as a divine calling and thus serve society and the world in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;
  • Promote the health of mind, body, and spirit as these are understood in the Christian tradition and by the best of modern physical and psychological science;
  • Strive to illuminate and enrich human experience by the word of God and the best of human science and culture;
  • Encourage the understanding and care of the natural world as a matter of Christian stewardship;
  • Facilitate the discovery of new knowledge to the glory of God and the betterment of humanity;
  • Extend the campus in time and space to embrace the entire community in relationships of caring and mutual benefit; and
  • Anticipate and respond to change in higher education and the world.