Letter From the Dean

Dear Prospective Student:

Our Honors College is Baylor’s only exclusively undergraduate college or school. With 1400 students pursuing dozens of academic majors and pre-professional programs around the university, we comprise an extraordinary community of accomplishment, friendship, and vision, all in service to Baylor’s Christian mission. What do we have to offer you?

We value a liberal arts education that integrates scholarship with teaching, faith with learning, and student life with academic life. We foster intellectual and moral virtue, support vocational discernment, and encourage lives of prayer and service—binding together things often at risk of being separated in modern American universities.

Integration of Teaching and Scholarship. We excel at interdisciplinary programs that enable you to see the many components of your education as complementary and interconnected. Our faculty, recruited and developed with commitments to high order scholarship and teaching, lead the way for you. Indeed, from the very beginning of your education, you have opportunity to study with the best professors all around Baylor. Personal interaction with faculty, inside and beyond the classroom walls, gives you access to mentors and exemplars of what it means to pursue academic excellence.

Integration of Faith and Learning. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” The light of reason and the light of faith both illumine darkness, and nowhere do they converge more brightly than in the life of Christ. Guided by this conviction, we invite inquiry into the most important questions; bring the wisdom of the Christian tradition to bear upon a host of contemporary issues; foster reflection, conversation, and prayer about vocation; and offer opportunities for service on campus, in our local community, and across the globe.

Integration of Student Life and Academic Life.Education of the whole person requires resisting compartmentalization. Our interdisciplinary curriculum helps do this, but also important is the holistic life our students pursue and the conversations they have entirely outside of official class time and over the years of their educational experience. These deeply personal journeys are indelibly communal and enhanced by the support of our collegiate community.

We warmly invite you to bring your achievements, aspirations, and convictions with you into our thriving academic community. We want to challenge you to realize your highest possibilities and nurture you as a person of character and wisdom, thereby preparing you for significant leadership and service.

You are welcome among us. Please know how delighted we are to share together in your visit.

All the best,
Douglas Henry