Travel Stipend

The Travel Stipend is awarded to support outstanding Honors College undergraduates in attending professional conferences. In most cases, funding is reserved for those students presenting papers at conferences.

Application Deadline
Must complete application 60 days prior to departure

Application package must include:
• Travel Stipend Request, detailing purpose and length of travel;
• Proof of paper acceptance by the conference (if applicable);
• Unofficial Baylor University transcript which demonstrates a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

The application packet will not be deemed complete without all of the above information.

• Baylor University's travel policy requires that everyone be good stewards of University funds, avoiding all unnecessary expenses. When several Baylor students are attending the same conference, students of the same gender will be expected to share lodging.
• Qualified students are eligible for travel support only once per academic year and in the maximum amount of $250. In rare cases, students may seek additional funding if they demonstrate that the travel opportunity is extraordinary and/or there is evidence of significant financial need. Students should contact their respective program directors about such opportunities.
• Preference will be given to students who are first-time applicants.

Review Process
Upon receiving the completed application package, Ms. Amanda Barton will forward the application to the appropriate offices in the Honors College for review.

Notification Process
Notifications will be sent within two weeks after the entire application package has been received.

The student must provide:
• A one-page written summary of the benefits of attending the conference (i.e., specific details about how the conference will assist in the writing or research of his/her thesis or other scholarly work at Baylor). This report must be returned to Ms. Amanda Barton within 30 days of attending the conference.