Robinson Endowed Scholarship Fund

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The C. Clifton Robinson and Betsy Sharp Robinson Endowed Scholarship provides need-based financial assistance for academically gifted incoming and current students enrolled in the Honors College. Recipients are known as "Clifton and Betsy Robinson Scholars."

Basic requirements for scholarship eligibility:

• Must be enrolled in the Honors College
• Must be a full-time student during the scholarship period
• Must complete CSS Profile and FAFSA with Student Financial Services. 

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If you are awarded the scholarship, we will renew it automatically the next academic year provided you meet the basic requirements listed above and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. However, scholarships awarded for study abroad are for that purpose only and are not renewed.

Below, Clifton Robinson explains his passion for supporting Honors College students.

More about C. Clifton and Betsy Sharp Robinson

The C. Clifton Robinson and Betsy Sharp Robinson Endowed Scholarship Fund in the Honors College was established in 2007 by Clifton and Betsy Sharp Robinson of Waco, Texas.

Clifton Robinson received the BBA degree from Baylor University in 1963, and Betsy Robinson received the BA degree from Baylor University in 1971. As instrumental supports of their alma mater, the Robinsons were inducted into the Medallion Fellowship in 1994, receiving the Pat Neff, President's, and James Huckins awards, in addition to receiving the Herbert Reynolds Service Award. Also in 1994, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson provided the support necessary for Baylor University to acquire the office building now known as Clifton Robins Tower. The addition of the complex has enabled further growth of Baylor's campus and houses administrative departments which undergird academic and student programs. In 1998, the Robinsons received the Judge Baylor Statue and the W.R. White Award.

Clifton Robinson has been a member of the Bear Foundation since 1997 and the Baylor/Waco Foundation since 2002. Additionally, he is the founder and trustee of The Clifton Robinson Family Foundation.

Betsy Sharp Robinson is a member of Art Angels, a local group that has helped to improve Baylor's Martin Museum and is dedicated to supporting the arts in the Waco community. Mrs. Robinson is also the founder of Fuzzy Friends Rescue of Waco, Texas, a non-profit organization that cares for unwanted pets and promotes community awareness of responsible pet ownership. In 2001, Mrs. Robinson established The Tom C. Sharp Family/George W. Truett Theological Seminary Endowed Scholarship Fund in honor of her father and mother to provide assistance to Baylor's seminary graduate students.

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson are members of the Endowed Scholarship Society and life members of the Baylor Alumni Association. The Robinsons have taken an active interest and support of Baylor University athletics, including men's basketball and the Baylor Ballpark. Additionally, they have provided generous support for graduate scholarships for research in the Armstrong Browning Library. The Baylor family remains grateful for the significant and generous support of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. Their spirit of philanthropy and leadership continues to sustain the high standards of Baylor University and further enrich the community around us.