Scholarships for Current Students

The Honors College is proud to continue to offer scholarships to current Honors College students. Students who receive scholarships through the Honors College are eligible to receive this funding for four years. Current students who received Honors College scholarships as freshmen can keep their scholarships if they maintain at least a 3.5 GPA and remain in the Honors College. Current students may submit one joint application for these scholarships. 

2023-24 Scholarship Applicants: 
  • The current student application opens on October 1 and closes on May 1. Applicants are notified of their award status via email in May.
    • Waitlist: Students who apply after May 1 are automatically added to the waitlist. Applicants are only notified if funding becomes available before July 31, at which time the process is completed and closed.
2022-23 Scholarship Applicants: 
  • The current student application is now closed and all funds have been distributed. We welcome students to reapply in the fall. 
Honors Residential College (HRC) Leadership Scholarship:

The HRC Leadership Scholarship is open to any returning resident of the residential college serving on the community's leadership team. Second-year students who are awarded a scholarship will receive up to $1,000. Third and fourth-year students will receive up to $2,000.

Study Abroad Scholarships:

Honors College scholarship awarded for a summer semester, apply exclusively to study abroad programs. Otherwise, awards are applied to the fall and spring semesters. More information on scholarship for particular purposes (e.g., study abroad, mission opportunities), as well as general financial support at Baylor, can be found here.

Study Abroad

Research Grants:

Current students who are engaged in research may apply for Honors College Research Grants. 

Research Grants

Travel Stipends:

Current students who are engaged in research may apply for Honors College Travel Stipends. 

Travel Stipends

Questions? Contact:

If you have questions about your Honors College scholarship application, the best way to reach us is to email