Scholarships for Prospective Students

Scholarship Timeline (Rounds 1 and 2)

Each student who confirms their intent to enroll in one of the four Honors College majors or programs by March 1 (Round 1) or April 1 (Round 2) is considered for an Honors College scholarship. Once accepted to an Honors College program, students should submit the Honors College Decision Form to confirm their acceptance. The committee reviews the student’s Baylor application, level of financial need as displayed through the FAFSA and CSS profile, and Honors College application (unnecessary if enrolling only in Great Texts).  

Students do not need to submit a deposit to Baylor in order to be considered. The confirmation for the Honors College is non-binding. All Great Texts majors will automatically be considered and do not need to submit the Honors College application or Decision Form to be eligible for the scholarship. Completing a FAFSA and/or CSS Profile is important for all Honors College students in order to maximize opportunities for endowed scholarship support, though it is not required for consideration.

If selected to receive an award, students are notified via email by the end of March (Round 1) or the end of April (Round 2). Students who submit a confirmation between March 1 and April 1 will be considered for Round 2. The process is completed and closed in April.

Invitation Only Scholarships:

If you have questions about Honors College scholarship opportunities not answered on our FAQ page, please email