William Carey Crane Scholars

A branch of Baylor’s Institute of Faith and Learning, the William Carey Crane Scholars Program is an intensive program that encourages and supports gifted undergraduates who are interested in the intersections between faith and reason. The program seeks to mentor students through lectures, seminars, retreats, and discussions hosted in faculty members’ homes.

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“Since the Lord has given us the capacity to interact with creation through intellectual avenues (for me, science, math, and languages), our stewardship of this capacity honors Him. The Cranes community—formed by Baylor professors, students, and other authors’ words—remains a source of humility, deep friendship, learning, and imagination as I continue to evaluate why the Lord of the universe allows us to think deep thoughts and solve great problems. He is gracious to give us tools to animate our faith.”

-Adryanna Smith, University Scholars with a concentration in Physics Class of 2017

“Cranes has provided me with a firm theological imagination that I use to understand my place in the world and within God's kingdom. It has surrounded me with an incredible community of inspiring minds and faithful hearts that are always pursuing a better life in Christ. I am so thankful that through the program, professors openly invited us into their homes, fed us, and mentored us so well. The Cranes students and faculty members will continue to encourage one another in faith forever.”

-Jordan Millhollin, Honors Biochemistry, class of 2019

“The Crane Scholars Program is chock-full of professors and fellow students that are serious about cultivating both the life of faith and the life of the mind. The rich community and the meaningful engagement with important texts together has shaped me both as a scholar and as a Christian.”

 -Natalie Widdows, University Scholars with concentrations in Great Texts, Theology, and Spanish, Class of 2020