The Pulse

Sponsored by the Honors College, The Pulse is Baylor’s undergraduate academic journal. Students have the opportunity not only to publish their research in the journal but also to work on its administrative and editorial boards. The Pulse also hosts an annual lecture featuring a selected student and his or her published work. CLICK HERE for more information. 

The deadline for paper submissions for The Pulse has passed. Please check back next semester if you are interested in contributing to The Pulse. 

“The Pulse strengthened my ability to read and think critically, to keep large projects and groups of people organized, and to bring out the best in others’ writing: all in service of recognizing good scholarship and making it available to the wider academic community. Thus, the Pulse represented a union of theory and practice for me, and inspired me to pursue that union in the other areas of my life as well.” 

-Kaylie Page, University Scholars, concentrations in Theology and Great Texts, Class of 2018; Editor-in-Chief of The Pulse 2017-2018