Study Abroad

Study Abroad

While Baylor offers a plethora of study abroad opportunities, the following have been very popular with Honors College students: 

Baylor in Maastricht 

In cooperation with the Center for European Studies (CES) at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, this program provides a blended curriculum with students learning from both European and Baylor professors. In addition, students are also able to travel to major city centers in Western Europe, such as Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, and Florence.  

Baylor in Washington D.C.

Students combine rigorous coursework with an internship at the nation’s capital thus gaining both academic and professional development. Previously, students have interned for various senators, the FBI, NPR, the Children’s Defense Fund, the Department of Defense, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the NAACP. CLICK HERE to read more about Baylor in Washington, D.C.

Baylor in Turkey and Greece

Baylor in Turkey & Greece is a study-abroad program that offers Baylor students the opportunity to travel to the birthplaces of Western Civilization and Culture. Students will climb to the top of the Acropolis to see the Parthenon in Athens, alongside Mars Hill from which St. Paul once preached to the Greek philosophers. Students will seek wisdom through dialogue with one another in the Athenian agora, as Socrates and Plato did so many centuries ago. Students will run in the original Olympic stadium, travel to the heights of Delphi, and visit the ruins of ancient Troy and Miletus, as a journey across the wine-dark sea of the Aegean. 

Baylor in Italy

Students participating in Baylor in Italy will be immersed in the unique, multi-layered Italian experience. Students will explore the monuments, art, and writings of ancient Rome; students will see firsthand how the Christian church developed in Rome and Italy over the centuries; Students will encounter the beauty of Renaissance Italy; and students will experience the unequaled food and culture of modern Italy. They will spend a week in Rome, a couple of weeks in Viterbo (a medieval city, where George Clooney recently filmed his new show Catch-22), and travel on weekends to beaches and the beautiful hill towns of Umbria.

Baylor in St. Andrews

Baylor in St. Andrews is well-suited for those interested in the Arts and the Humanities and is especially appropriate for students interested in philosophy and religion and their intersections and manifestations in culture and history. Students take one course taught by a Baylor faculty program director; all other courses will be chosen from St. Andrews’ rigorous undergraduate curriculum.  

Scholar’s Semester at Oxford

The most rigorous of study abroad programs offered at Baylor, the Scholar’s Semester at Oxford offers students an opportunity to study at the world’s most prestigious university under its unique tutoring system. In addition to taking a demanding course load, students have watched Shakespeare at the Globe, punted on the River Isis, visited the home of C.S. Lewis, and explored medieval ruins.