The Honors Residential College

The Honors Residential College (HRC) is a multi-year community of 300+ students enrolled in one of the Honors College majors or programs. This multi-year community fosters Love of God, Love of Learning, and Love of Neighbor through friendship, integrated study, community service, and spiritual engagement.  

The HRC is located at Alexander Hall (Men’s) and Memorial Hall (Women’s). For more information, please visit the Honors Residential College page.

  • “I love how the community of students, faculty, and staff at the Honors Residential College challenge and encourage us to grow not only academically but also spiritually and in meaningful friendship with each other. With our many fun traditions, we take breaks from studying to fight zombies, have quiz bowls, eat grilled cheeses and have a dance party before Finals Week together, and more! But we also spend time worshipping, volunteering, and doing everyday life together.  Through our shared love of learning, striving for community, and desire for fun, I have formed so many amazing friendships and had such meaningful conversations with people of all different backgrounds, interests, and future goals at the HRC. I am immensely grateful to be a part of this community.”

–Kate Rojales, B.S. Biochemistry (honors) with a Great Texts Minor, Class of 2022

  • “I wouldn’t be who I am today without the HRC. Throughout my four years in Alexander Hall, I learned how to share my life with others, practice long-lasting spiritual disciplines, and explore big questions from a solid moral and intellectual framework. And I laughed a lot!”


–Daniel Notman, B.A. in University Scholars 2017, concentrations in Religion and Linguistics, Class of 2017

  • “For my family and I, the HRC is becoming, more and more every day, home. It is a place of hospitality where we come together in our differences to seek what is true, good, and beautiful. It is a community in which young women and young men are afforded the opportunity to grow in virtue—intellectual, moral, and spiritual—all within the context of deep and lasting friendships.”


–Dr. Jason Whitt, HRC Faculty-In-Residence and Senior Lecturer in the Honors Program