Career Opportunities

The following employers are interested in meeting and interviewing Honors College seniors and alumni for job opportunities. Please contact those listed below for more information.

Baylor's Office of Career and Professional Development provides walk-in assistance with resume preparation throughout the week in Sid Richardson Building, Room 132. No appointment required.
• Monday and Thursday: 2-3 p.m.
• Tuesday: 10-11:30 a.m.
• Wednesday: 10-11 a.m.
• Friday: 1:30-3 p.m.

National & International Teaching Opportunities

Children get only one chance at a great education. Becaome an ACE teacher. Lead the change.

ACE Teaching Fellows forms talented, faith-filled college graduates to renew and transform Catholic school classrooms. ACE teachers form a select cohort of the nation’s top emerging Catholic school teachers and leaders, and through ACE’s innovative instructional model, they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to serve some of the most under-resourced schools in the United States.

Do you want to jump-start your career with a Fortune 500 company? Apple is accepting applications for its 2015 AppleCare College Program.

As a College Advisor, you will be provided a business-use iMac, comprehensive paid training, and a schedule that complements your classes. From the first day of training, you will have full corporate benefits, the ability to interact with a network of peers, and the potential to grow in a career at Apple.

Baylor students of all majors enrolled through May 2017 are encouraged to apply online here.


The American Teacher Initiative (ATI) is looking for capable, caring individuals to be placed in classrooms where they will provide quality academic instruction and encourage students to be insightful, responsible, and virtuous citizens necessary for a free society. If you are interested in becoming a mission-focused teacher in a national network, join ATI.

To apply or for more information, visit


Brazos Fellows is a nine-month residential fellowship established alongside Christ Church Waco to prepare women and men for lives of mature Christian discipleship. Through a unique combination of theological training, spiritual disciplines, vocational discernment, and shared life, fellows gear up for future study, work, and ministry.

For further information or to apply, see here.

• Contact:

Great Hearts Academies is a non‐profit network of twenty‐five charter schools in Arizona and Texas dedicated to improving education by developing excelling public prep schools. Great Hearts’ academies are substantially outperforming other public and private schools, proving that tuition‐free schools can do a superb job of educating students if they are smaller, more efficient, and set higher expectations for all students through a core, classical liberal arts curriculum. We gladly prepare our graduates for success in the best colleges and universities in the nation, but our main purpose is the formation of the soul, heart, and mind. We believe that the highest goal of education is to become good, intellectually and morally.

Joining Great Hearts Academies
Certification is not required; the majority of our faculty hold undergraduate/graduate degrees in the academic subjects they teach and/or degrees from top liberal arts programs.

To Apply
Candidates must submit their application online via our national website at There, you can learn more about teaching at Great Hearts and begin an application to your region(s) of preference. Email us at with further questions.

• Contact: Dr. Sarah-Jane Murray

Not just any job. . .This one comes with safaris.

Off Grid Electric is a growth-stage startup that’s on track to light a million homes in Africa over the next couple years with clean, affordable solar energy (see the articles at the bottom of this post). With a distributed global team concentrated in San Francisco and East Africa, we’re now looking for whip smart software team members who bring lateral thinking, experience-based pragmatism, and fearlessness in the face of the unknown. You will fall in love with this role if you can get passionate about bringing solar energy-as-a-service to off-grid markets -- over 1.3 billion people around the world -- with the unique social, technical, and business challenges that come along with it. Naturally, you’ll be hungry for adventure, inspired by the opportunity to unleash whole continents of human potential, and motivated to help build a truly epic business.

• Contact: Dr. Sarah-Jane Murray

People+Good was created on the belief that youth all over the world want to use their skills for good and build a better planet but lack the opportunities needed to make this happen. We wanted to change this and over the past few months have assembled a network of partners globally to make Bangalore (India) the testing ground for the most radical academic-work program in the world.

The program will gather the sharpest and most talented university students and young professionals on the planet and group them in multi-disciplinary teams so that they can tackle India’s greatest challenges.

We strongly believe that money should never disqualify individuals from opportunities that help realize their potential or defy their reality.

It is in this spirit that we started the Fellowships initiative to fully cover the People+Good Program Fee for applicants who could not afford to pay for it. At this point in time we have 12 Fellowships available and we are working with additional sponsors to increase this number.

• Contact: Dr. Sarah-Jane Murray
• Open Position: Several opportunities for internships and careers

What if we could actually fix politics? We’ve already revolutionized the way we learn, live, and communicate; what if a new generation could do the same for the way we govern?

We are Run for America. We believe now is the time to summon the same spirit of innovation, collaboration, and aspiration of our nation’s founding in order to shape our nation’s future.

Our mission is to recruit, train, and work to elect a new generation of leaders to Congress who are committed to a solutions-first, future-focused approach to tackling our major national challenges. We are seeking a dozen of the most visionary and talented Americans -- Democrats, Republicans, and independents -- to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016, together… to run for a better government, to run for a brighter future, to run for us.

Our movement starts by finding them, now. Will you help?

• Contact: Dr. Sarah-Jane Murray

SPARK Experience is a full service digital communications, design and research agency. We employ top talent from the fields of user experience research and human factors, design, web development, app development and content strategy. We deliver impactful and award-winning digital experiences. Did we mention we won a top prize at the 2013 Communicator Awards? In a few short years, we’ve become one of the fastest growing, most dynamic companies around.

We love our clients and projects. Fortunately, they’re into us too. We work with meaningful, worthwhile and innovative organizations such as Fortune 500s, nonprofits and government agencies, which mean we get to work on a wide range of interesting projects. The results are products that engage communities and users with beauty and delight, spark change and encourage good. See a project that looks interesting? Speak up. We encourage our employees to choose the projects they work on.

The SPARK family: SPARKlers work hard and play hard. We play hard at our jobs, while working hard at being a family. That is to say, at SPARK we have a passion for what we do, and care about one another. Our products are thoroughly professional but our culture is supportive, collaborative and authentically casual. We thought "Casual Friday" was feeling lonely so we introduced her to the rest of the week. We also encourage the professional growth of our employees which is why we pay for conferences and classes of their choosing.

SPARK deeply values the wellness of our employees. We support telecommuting, provide lifestyle improvement technologies (like Jawbone’s UP!) and offer a variety of benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance. Oh yes. . .and unlimited vacation. Yeah, you read that right.


WDCEP is a public-private partnership dedicated to facilitating economic development in Washington, DC. We partner with a variety of community stakeholders to promote business opportunities throughout the District.

Our purpose and success aligns with our partners in the city: to facilitate dynamic relationships with non-profit change agents, technology visionaries, artists, real estate entrepreneurs, and global enterprise leaders based on independent thinking and objective insights.

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