Lecture Series: Fall '10

Dean's Annual Film Lecture

Sponsor: Honors Residential College

Dr. Thomas S. Hibbs (Honors College Dean, Distinguished Professor of Ethics & Culture, Baylor University): Hope in Exile: Christian Art in the Ruins

In concert with the Honors College symposium and art exhibition, Sacred Texts, Holy Images, Dean Hibbs presented a lecture entitled, Hope in Exile: Christian Art in the Ruins.

Called upon regularly to comment on film and popular culture, Dean Thomas S. Hibbs has made more than 100 appearances on radio, including nationally syndicated NPR shows such as "The Connection," "On the Media" and "All Things Considered," as well as local NPR stations in Boston, Massachusetts; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Dallas, Texas; and Rochester, New York.

He also has written on film, culture, books and higher education in Books and Culture, Christianity Today, First Things, New Atlantis, The Dallas Morning News, The National Review, The Weekly Standard, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Sacred Texts, Holy Images: Rouaultís Miserere and Chagallís Bible Series
Art Exhibition & Symposium

From Sept. 25-Nov. 28, Baylor University's Mayborn Museum had the privilege of housing two of the greatest masterpieces of modern religious art: Georges Rouault's Miserere and Marc Chagall's Bible series. The opportunity to exhibit these two remarkable collections was made possible by the generosity of the Mark Foster Foundation, which has established Fine Arts in the Academy to "advance the serious study of art, history, and Western civilization on America's college campuses by putting students face-to-face with masterpieces of our own Western tradition." (Full Press Release)

And from Oct. 19-Nov. 13, the Martin Museum of Art in the Hooper-Schaefer Fine Art Center housed the exhibit Soliloquies by Makoto Fujimura, a contemporary artist influenced by Rouault and who also is a lecturer on art and spirituality.

In concert with the art exhibition, the Honors College conducted a symposium November 11-12. View the complete schedule of events.

Drumwright Family Lecture

Sponsors: Honors College, Honors Residential College

Dr. David Solomon (Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture): The Lure of the Secular

We welcomed Dr. David Solomon (University of Notre Dame), who delivered the inaugural Drumwright Lecture. He presented, "The Lure of the Secular," after which, we adjourned for the Masterís High Tea on the lawn of Armstrong Browning Library.

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Dr. J. Gordon Melton (Distinguished Senior Fellow, Institute for Studies in Religion at Baylor University): The Emergence of the African American Church in the Antebellum World

Dr. J. Gordon Melton, who was named a Distinguished Senior Fellow of Baylor Universityís Institute for Studies in Religion in 2009, is the director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion in Santa Barbra, California.

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Dr. Philip Bess (Director of Graduate Studies, School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame): Urbanism and Natural Law; or, Are the Suburbs a Mistake?

Sponsors: Honors College, School of Engineering & Computer Science

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Pulitzer Prize-Winner Dr. Marilynne Robinson (University of Iowa): Writing As an Act of Faith

Sponsors: Honors Residential College, Department of Student Activities, The Office of Spiritual Life and Brooks College

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Stanley Hauerwas: A Conversation With Stanley Hauerwas

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