Study Abroad

Athens, Crete, Florence, Istanbul, Oxford, Rome. To witness firsthand these storied places, in which the art, culture, history, literature, faith, and fortunes of our world have been shaped, is an education our high-aspiring students should experience.

We believe strongly in the value of international education for Honors College students, especially when undertaken under the auspices of Baylor's devoted faculty and in the company of inspiring students in the Honors College.

Study abroad animates course readings as one sees and experiences the contexts in which they were written or set. Walking amidst the dusty ruins of high-walled Troy and sailing the wine-dark Aegean Sea bring Homer's epics to life. Gazing over ancient Athens from Mars Hill calls forth imaginative solidarity with St. Paul as he preached the gospel to the philosophical skeptics of his age. Surveying the Arno in Florence makes renders Dante's Divine Comedy vivid in an inimitable fashion, and walking in the steps of St. Peter in Rome humbles every thoughtful pilgrim recalling the fisherman's bold faith as recounted in the New Testament.

Excellent education for global leadership involves understanding cultures other than one's own, learning to be a gracious guest in international contexts, and acquiring such proficiencies as navigation, communication, and adaptability in unfamiliar contexts.

Study abroad can also contribute significantly to competitiveness after graduation for distinguished fellowships (Marshall, Rhodes, Truman, etc.), highly regarded graduate and professional schools, and sought after job opportunities.

For these and other reasons we are committed to encouraging and supporting Honors College students' study abroad. We particularly emphasize programs led by our Honors College faculty such as

Baylor in Greece
Baylor in Italy

We know from long experience that they offer some of the most memorable, rewarding, and significant educational experiences our students have during their undergraduate study.

Honors College students study in other places around the world through the programs of Baylor's Center for Global Education as well as in superb initiatives under the auspices of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities through its BestSemester Program.