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A Transformative Academic Community
A Transformative Academic Community
Dean Thomas Hibbs talks about working toward Tier 1 status, Baylor’s Christian mission, and how the the Honors College’s rigorous programs serve both.

Pascal’s Wager, Certitude and Doubt, and the Human Condition
Thomas S. Hibbs is s Dean of the Honors College and Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Culture at Baylor University, and the author of many essays and books on philosophy and popular culture. He is also a contributor to Catholic World Report. His most recent book is Wagering On an Ironic God: Pascal on Faith and Philosophy, published last year by Baylor University Press.

Dr. Hibbs recently corresponded with Carl E. Olson, editor of CWR, about Pascal, the famed philosopher’s “wager”, his debt to St. Augustine, and Christ as the “Eucharistic Cipher”.
Intact Tomb of Etruscan Noblewoman Discovered in San Giuliano, Tuscany
The archaeological research project of San Giuliano is in the middle of an incredible and productive third season of excavations. The collaboration between Baylor University, the Virgil Academy, the Archaeological Superintendence of the Province of Viterbo and Southern Etruria, and the Municipality of Barbarano Romano, has laid the foundations for significant discoveries. A survey was carried out on the necropolis of San Giuliano, which was lacking an overall site plan, operating in some selected sectors. The research team also investigated the medieval fortification on the plateau at the top of San Giuliano.