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A Transformative Academic Community
A Transformative Academic Community
Dean Thomas Hibbs talks about working toward Tier 1 status, Baylor’s Christian mission, and how the the Honors College’s rigorous programs serve both.

Nonprofit organization started by Baylor alumna to help pregnant women wins international humanitarian award
The nonprofit organization Mothers on the Move, founded by Arts & Sciences and Honors College alumna Jolene Damoiseaux (BS in biology 2014), has won the Albert Schweitzer Prize Audience Award from the Nederlands Albert Schweitzer Fund, which provides money for local health projects in Africa. Damoiseaux started Mothers on the Move as a Baylor senior to provide expectant mothers in Western Kenya with free transportation to a health center to safely give birth.
Going Global: Prestigious Scholarships Give Baylor Students an International Perspective
Every year, a number of Baylor’s brightest undergraduates prepare applications for academia’s most prestigious international scholarship programs. Scores of Baylor students have received Rhodes, Fulbright, Marshall, Truman and other such scholarships over the past century or so, which not only earns acclaim for themselves and the university, but proves invaluable to many students as they prepare for high-level careers with an international focus.

Two recent Baylor recipients, and Honors College Alums, of prestigious scholarships are now using them to advance their studies overseas and gain an international perspective in their chosen professions.