James Falbe

Coming into Baylor, University Scholar and summa cum laude graduate James Falbe had only one goal - to cross the stage in four years and receive a diploma.

"I figured that, regardless of how I did academically, I would end up in the business world and would make a lot of money," he reflected.

But in the course of his college education, Falbe realized that God's plan for him was bigger and better than his own.

Relationships made the difference for Falbe. His professors saw in him an exceptional student and helped him to see his unique talents.

"They pushed me not [only] to try to excel academically, but to challenge myself in all aspects of life," he said.

In his first semester at Baylor, Falbe was challenged in Professor Philip Mitchell's Thinking and Writing class. 8"All semester this English class was a struggle for me because I had never been required to write at that level before," Falbe said.

His hard work paid off and the writing skills he learned helped open doors for him later on. At the urging of former German professor Dr. Rasma Lazda, Falbe spent a summer in Germany, followed by a summer at Middlebury College in Vermont, where he spoke only German for six weeks. Falbe recalls that summer fondly, "It was a challenging time that pushed my language skills over the top."

At Baylor, Falbe conducted research in the Neuroscience Laboratory on the effects of alcohol on the development of the adolescent brain, wrote an Honors Thesis in psychology on romantic attraction, helped create an advertising plan for the Waco Tribune- Herald, and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa as a Robinson Scholar, among other honors.

Now on a full University Ministerial Scholarship to Truett Seminary, Falbe is involved in local outreach programs. Some aspects of his future may not yet be decided, but the central mission of his life is clearly focused and is being realized each day. Falbe says, "My future includes one thing: preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whether here or somewhere else in the world."