Appeal of Sanction Instructions

At a minimum, an appeal of sanction for an Honor Code violation must include the following elements:

1. The basis upon which the appeal is being made, and

2. Why the sanction is not appropriate for the violation.

To ensure receipt and processing of the appeal letter, students are required to use the Appeal of Sanction Form when submitting a sanctions appeal so that all necessary elements for the appeal are included. A request for appeal must be submitted within 5 school days of receipt of a sanction letter.

Students who do not submit appeals within 5 school days waive their opportunity to appeal.


If the student is dissatisfied with the sanction(s) imposed by the executive vice president and provost, he or she may appeal the sanction decision in writing to the president within five school days of the date he or she receives notice of the vice president's decision. In such a situation, the president may review the record of the hearing, the student's academic and disciplinary records, and confer with the executive vice president and provost, and, based upon this review, decide to:

A. Allow the sanction(s) stand.

B. Modify the sanction(s) or impose a different sanction(s).

C. Suspend the sanction(s).

The decision of the president as to the appropriateness of the sanction(s) is final.

The process for appealing a decision for an Honor Code violation is available on this Web page: Appeal of Decision Instructions