Upload Documentaries

Due by January 22, 2020 at 11:59pm

Documentary entries must be viewable in VLC media player for Windows. Process papers and annotated bibliographies must be in either Word or PDF format. 

Documentaries files must be named in the following format:
Title of Project-Student #1, Student #2.

Process Papers and Annotated Bibliography files must be name in the following format:
Title of Project:Process Paper/Annotated Bibliography-Student #1, Student #2.

To upload your documentary, process paper, and annotated bibliography (each must be uploaded separately)

  1. Click Browse your device
  2. Select your file, click Open
  3. Include the names of all students in the Description
  4. Include the email for one student or sponsor
  5. Click Upload (this may take several minutes depending on internet speed)

You will receive the message "Success! Your file has been uploaded" when the file has successfully been uploaded. Once the fair coordinator has confirmed that entries have uploaded all required files, sponsors will receive an email confirmation.

If you are unable to upload your documentary, please have your sponsor contact the HOTRHF office.

As a reminder, students must bring their documentary in a USB Flash Drive along with hard copies of their process papers and annotated bibliographies. The HOTRHF will provide the necessary equipment for viewing documentaries.