How to Participate

Participating in the HOTRHF is an exciting journey. Listed below is a guide on how to participate in our fair.

  • Speak with a teacher about having them be your sponsor. 
  • Consult the National History Day annual theme and Contest Rule Book. It is important to be familiar with the requirements before you proceed, especially since a new theme is chosen each year and rules are periodically amended.
  • Choose a topic. Any topic in any era of local, regional, state, national, or world history is acceptable, as long as it clearly relates to the annual theme. Texas History Day compiled a list of sample topics that are related to the annual theme.

    Click here for the 2021 THD List of Sample Topics.
    Click here for a topic list from the W.R. Poage Legislative Library. 
  • Choose a category for presentation. There are 5 categories to choose from:

Website (All websites must be created in NHD WebCentral. Instructions can be found here.)

  • Choose to work alone or in a group.