How to Participate

Participating in the HOTRHF is an exciting journey. Listed below is a guide on how to participate in our fair.

  • Speak with a teacher about having them be your sponsor. 
  • Consult the National History Day annual theme and Contest Rule Book. It is important to be familiar with the requirements before you proceed, especially since a new theme is chosen each year and rules are periodically amended.
  • Choose a topic. Any topic in any era of local, regional, state, national, or world history is acceptable, as long as it clearly relates to the annual theme. National History Day and Texas History Day compile a list of sample topics that are related to the annual theme.

    Click here for the 2019 NHD List of Sample Topics.
    Click here for the 2019 THD List of Sample Topics.
  • Choose a category for presentation. There are 5 categories to choose from:

Website (All websites must be created in the NHD Editor Web Portal)

**Please note that some categories have earlier submission deadlines. Check out the Category Specific Deadlines and Instructions page to determine your submission date.

  • Choose to work alone or in a group.

  • Conduct research using both primary and secondary sources. See our Resources page for more information on available sources.
  • Create project. Make sure that all NHD rules are followed. Click here to download category specific rules verification sheet. Additionally, here are examples of past NHD winning projects as well as THD’s Five Keys to History Day Success to help create your project.