Project Information

1. Choose a topic. Each year, National History Day offers a list of sample topics which relate to the annual theme. This list is by no means exhaustive, and students are encouraged to develop topics of their own. Any topic in any era of local, regional, state, national, or world history is acceptable, as long as it relates clearly to the annual theme. In addition to the list of topics compiled by NHD, Texas History Day and HOTRHF provide lists of sample topics to encourage area students to develop an understanding of their own community's history and heritage.

2. Choose a category for presentation


3. Choose to work alone or in a group

category choice by grade

4. Conduct research

Local resources

Baylor library catalog BearCat
BARD - Baylor Archival Repositories Database is a keyword-searchable gateway to find archival research materials in the special collections within the Baylor Libraries (which include The Texas Collection, W.R. Poage Legislative Library and Armstrong Browning Library)
Read about some great topic ideas on the Texas Collection blog
A Users Guide to the Texas Collection, Part 1, Or, How I Survived the Rigors of Research

Online resources
Primary and secondary resources

5. Know and follow the rules and requirements of NHD

6. Create project

Examples of past projects — please notice that these examples also include

Sample annotated bibliography
Sample process paper

Keys to a successful project

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