Resources & Rules

Please download and read the NHD Contest Rule Book cover to cover. These are the rules set by National History Day for all participants to follow, therefore these are the HOTRHF rules. There are general rules for all participants, as well as specific rules for each separate category. Please read them all carefully.

Also, please use the NHD Rules Verification Checklist to ensure that your students' projects follow all rules.

You will find many useful resources for this journey. Among the most useful:

> Baylor library catalog BearCat
> BARD - Baylor Archival Repositories Database is a keyword-searchable gateway to find archival research materials in the special collections within the Baylor Libraries (which include The Texas Collection, W.R. Poage Legislative Library and Armstrong Browning Library)
> Read about some great topic ideas on the Texas Collection blog
> "A User's Guide to the Texas Collection, Part 1, Or, How I Survived the Rigors of Research"
> The Baylor University Institute for Oral History Digital Collection currently contains transcripts for over 3500 interviews and corresponding audio for 25% and climbing.

"Thanks to the Internet, where teachers once struggled to find quality primary sources for their students, today the challenge often lies in choosing which outstanding resources to introduce in the limited time available. One solution is to let students select a topic to study in depth while the class as a whole examines the war at the macro level. For individual students, their chosen topics provides the 'hook' that captures their interest and inspires them to learn more about the larger historical picture."

— from a WWI teaching essay on NHD website (The War to Teach All Wars)