5th Grade Participation

The Heart of Texas Regional History Fair offers fifth-graders the opportunity to participate in the competition. Fifth-graders compete in their own division in individual and group exhibits.

Contest Participation

  • Fifth grade students are invited to participate in HOTRHF for the learning experience. There is no advancement for fifth-graders to the state or national fair, but ribbons of participation will be awarded.
  • Fifth grade students can enter the individual or group exhibit categories only.
  • The limit is five (5) exhibit entries per school for the fifth grade division. Please note that this limitation is on the number of project entries, not the number of students. Groups of up to five students may enter a project in the group exhibit category. A school may elect to enter all individual, all group, or a combination of individual and group exhibits. Group exhibits encourage greater participation. The local school or district is responsible for selecting the final entries to compete at the regional fair.

Judging of Exhibits

  • ALL judging for the fifth grade exhibits will take place on Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.
  • All fifth grade students are requested to stand by their exhibits during this judging period so that judges can question them about their project. This is an important part of the learning process.

Awards Ceremony

  • Each fifth grade participant is recognized individually during the HOTRHF awards ceremony on Friday afternoon. At the ceremony, immediately after the opening remarks, the HOTRHF Director will read the names of all fifth grade participants and present them with a ribbon of participation.
  • Fifth grade students are eligible for special awards.
  • The HOTRHF invites parents and students to remain for the rest of the awards ceremony, if they wish.

Project Removal

  • Fifth grade students unable to attend the awards ceremony or unable to remain for the entire ceremony may dismantle and remove their exhibits starting at 3:45 pm on Friday.
  • All projects must be removed no later than 7:00 pm on Friday. If you cannot stay to remove them, please arrange for someone else to remove them for you.
  • If any exhibits are left at the history fair, please contact the office to arrange to pick up your projects.

Sponsors, please provide this information to the parents of each participating fifth grade student.