CFH Parking and Hotel Transportation

NOTE: Transportation in Waco at the moment can be tricky because I-35 is under major construction with the hotel on one side of the interstate and Baylor on the other. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Transportation from Waco Airport to Hotels 
  • Physical Address for Aloft is 900 S. 11th St., 76706 (Aloft and LaQuinta are side by side)
  • Your best bet is going to be Uber or Lyft. Schedule a ride early, before you arrive.
  • There is a Waco Regional Airport Shuttle but you have to book in advance and it’s often booked up weeks ahead of time.
  • If you’re using the Waco Streak from DFW or Austin, it should bring you to the hotels.
  • Aloft Hotel has a shuttle and can do limited airport runs if you contact them in advance, but there may be a lengthy wait time.
Hotels to Hankamer/Cashion Academic Center
  • The Hankamer Academic Center (Cashion is in Hankamer) should be on your map app as Hankamer Academic Center or Hankamer Cashion. DON’T USE HANKAMER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (although it’s only a block away).
    • Physical address for Cashion is 1401 South 4th Street, Waco, 76706
  • Hotels to the Hankamer Academic Center—1.1 miles. Map App lists it as a 25 minute walk (don’t do this at night). If the weather is as it usually is this time of year, it could be quite pleasant during the day. As Stephen Wright says, “Everywhere is walking distance—if you have the time.”
  • Aloft has 1 van and we are renting 1 more. There will be runs on Friday and Saturday mornings 7:15-9:00am and a few more by request throughout the day, but space is limited. Please don’t rely on one of the vans to get you on time for your paper presentation.
  • Uber and Lyft (about $7.50 one-way), schedule in advance. This is probably your best bet when you need to be on time.
  • We will run the rented van back and forth after the Thursday sessions and Friday banquet, but again there will be limited seating for each run, so expect a wait time.
Parking on Campus 
  • YOU WILL NEED A PERMIT if parking on campus more than 1 day during business hours (a one-time ticket expires after 30 days).
  • Park in the SPEIGHT STREET GARAGE, which is next to the Hankamer Academic Center. 
    • Speight Parking garage is at the corner of 4th Street and Speight Street
    • On your map app, you can use directions for Hankamer Academic Center or HankamerCashion and use 4th Street rather than 5th to get to the garage entrance.
    • Physical address for Cashion is 1401 South 4th Street, Waco, 76706