Andrew Bellamy

Andrew Bellamy
M.A. Student
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Dr. Joseph Stubenrauch

Research Interests

I study the British Empire in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. I am particularly interested in Britain’s early relations with Qing China, how the two empires’ initial encounters influenced Britain’s “official” and “unofficial” stances toward China, and how British “China experts” reconciled spreading Christianity and opium in China.

  • B.A. in History, magna cum laude and Honors Program, Baylor University, 2020
  • Guittard-Verlander-Voegtle Endowed Scholarship in History, Baylor University, 2019-2020
  • Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society, 2019-Present
  • Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, 2018-Present
  • Provost’s Gold Scholarship, Baylor University, 2017-2020
Other Info

In addition to my academic pursuits, I am an enthusiastic fan of classical music, especially compositions by Mendelssohn and Rachmaninoff, as well as film and literature – particularly the works of Coppola, Fellini, Powell & Pressburger, Dostoevsky, Joyce, and Shakespeare.

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